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Posted on February 07 2021

did you knw kia waters is a nurse earringeverything survivors of emotional abuse

Most people don’t know the story behind the creation of this site and associated brands. That’s because I have yet to tell it. I’m Kia Waters, the owner. I am a survivor of generational curses and emotional abuse from romantic relationships. As a health care provider, I learned how to heal the body but I was not prepared for the emotional turmoil that almost ended my life. 

Now, I know that you have come to this website to shop and talk of abuse was not what you expected to read on here, but I firmly believe that knowing the history and authenticity behind anything or anyone who you have invested time or money in is critical. If you have been spared from the suffrage of emotional pain, may you remain fortunate. Emotional pain can leave you feeling worthless and crippled. I was able to pick up the pieces of my life, and now I advocate for my people who are still struggling.

EarringEverything.com is a beautiful testament to my legacy of surviving emotional abuse. I have created a platform where women can obtain quality, affordable fashion accessories to enhance their confidence & outer beauty. But that’s not all, I have created a safe space for sharing of feelings, ongoing encouragement, and support through text messaging and email. And yes, I do respond. If my supportive words of empathy and encouragement motivates just one woman not to give up on life or love then I have succeeded. 

Text “Boss” to 404-737-1473 for inspiration. Sometimes one persons who cares can be the difference that matters the most. I hope that this message reaches those who need to hear it. 

- Kia

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