Introducing the Atlanta's The Glam Van is taking beauty to your door and to the streets of Atlanta, Ga. Introducing the “EarringEverything Beauty & Accessories Pop-Up Shop” Van a.k.a. the #EEGLAMVAN. Beauty & Glam services are available for one-to-one 'Glam Sessions' and walk-in services. The EEGLAMVAN will be at ATL’s most litty parties, public & private events, & locations providing:


👉🏾Beauty & Beat services such as:

💓Lace Unit Applications

💓Make-Up Beats

💓Brow & Lash Services

💓Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

💓and more coming soon 📣


When you book the #EEGLAMVAN you can expect:


👉🏾Stylists & Technicians Come To You

👉🏾Beauty & Beat Services For Your Guests 

👉🏾Jewelry & Accessories Ready 

(Perfect for Productions & Photoshoots)

👉🏾High Fashion Salon Ambiance

👉🏾Value Boosting Mobile Print & Repeat

👉🏾Personalized Client Servicing

👉🏾Mobile & Flexible Scheduling 


Who can book the #EEGLAMVAN?


🛎Groups & Organizations


🛎Small Groups



🦠 COVID-19 Precautions🦠

The #EEGLAMVAN operators will use a Handheld UV Ionizer Spray to Spray 90% Alcohol on interior van surfaces for elite sanitation prior to and during van use. The Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying and disrupting their DNA. UVGI is used in food, air, and water purification.


Follow the #EEGLAMVAN Journey to our GRAND OPENING🎉.


📌TO BOOK the #EEGLAMVAN for your party, event, or 1-on-1 Glam Session. Click below.


📌TO APPLY to work on the GlamVan apply here.


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