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Words to live by ... “WWBD - What Would Beyoncé Do?” - Serve 👏🏾.

LIVE- Healing, Wine, & Story Time 2/8/21 - In case you missed it!

Donita Bowman Emotional Abuse Forever Donita Kia Waters Survivor

Kia Waters opens up about past trauma in her life and her position as an advocate victims of emotional abuse. She has created a platform for persons struggling with emotional pain to offer them daily inspiration, a supportive ear, and a shoulder to cry on. To Join Kia's Text Family TEXT "SAFE" to 404.737.1473.

Kia also discusses the loss of a friend, Donita Bowman, and dedicates the 5 Series - Forever Donita to honor her. The 5 Series collection stands for Love & Loyalty. These signature pieces can be worn to express the wearers loving heart and loyal soul or to remember a loved one who mastered those angelic traits.

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To learn more about Kia & her brands visit infinitewaters360.com

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