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Why is Video Media Marketing Important?

EarringEverything .com

Posted on October 22 2020

Why is Video Media Marketing Important? | EarringEverything.com, earringeverything

Hey guys, it’s Kia Waters. What do you think of our new EarringEverything commercial?! Drop a comment! Let us know!

You know I’m always trying to share gems with my fellow girl bosses out there, so here goes. My goal in this commercial was to explain to our audience, which is diverse women between the ages of 16 - infinity, that our brand not only offers quality high grade fashion jewelry (which have fewer allergic reactivity) and we also offer a hypo-allergic 14K gold plated line, our ‘So Icy Collection’.

We take pride in being selective in only offering the best quality pieces, instead of the most quantity of pieces, all with a lifetime credit guarantee. The commercial serves three purposes for my brand. It clearly explains to my audience my brands purpose, establishes my brand as professional, and provides us with a powerful marketing tool to further build upon. 

It is 2021, I’m claiming it already! And video media is what is necessary to stay relevant and competitive. Social media marketing is great but if your content is not engaging then it is ineffective. I’d love to receive your feedback on our new commercial. If you are interested in having video media done like this, bigger, or smaller, visit Homebiz911.com. In all transparency, I own that company too so you know you are going to get supreme quality at a good and reasonable price. 

Now drop those comments. I love the read them Queens. Until next time, Stay Bossy!


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