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EarringEverything is a fashion jewelry boutique born in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm Kia Waters (aka @MzzWaters  on social media). Nice to greet you. I'm a Baltimore, Maryland native residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Through my extensive travels as a travel nurse and veteran of the U.S. Army, I have noticed the need for increased accessibility of unique jewelry accessories for trendy fashionable consumers. I also wanted to create a system designed to alleviate the stress of losing & maintaining delicate fashion pieces. This is what led me to create, where you can purchase unique fashion accessories with the BOSS Credit Guarantee. I take pride in each accessory I procure or design. My mission is to lace BOSS trendsetters with exciting fashion pieces that will remain valuable with longevity. 


Here's some tips to help navigate the site:

  • Use the search button to type in keywords (ex: colors, shapes, wedding, studs, long, small, etc.) to find items you are looking for.
  • Click BOSS Credits at bottom of the screen to sign up to be an #EEBOSS and rack up points toward store credit.
  • Share, Comment, & Review pieces with friends and social media fam to earn points.
  • Add pieces to your Wishlist to indulge later. 
 Questions or concerns? Contact me direct on social media or email me at