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Collaborate with EE

Would you like to invest, collaborate, or work with EarringEverything?

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Future Investor
Want to invest in EarringEverything? -  EarringEverything is woman-owned, minority-owned, and veteran owned. Since EarringEverything's start in 2016, we have built a growing retail platform designed to serve dynamic women with a Lifetime Warranty on fashion jewelry & accessories.  This is just the beginning, we want to discuss with you how we can grow together! Email us!


Media Inquiries
Would you like to include EarringEverything or incorporate EarringEverything jewelry or accessories in your media? Let us know what you have in mind. Email us!
Future Collaborations
  • Receive A Custom Group Discount Code - A discount code specific for your group, school, fans, or followers. Discount will be 20% oFF all items on EarringEverything.com. As always, your group will also benefit from our Lifetime Boss Credit Guarantee. 
  • Receive EarringEverything Promotional Items - Promotional items such as cards, flyers, custom tote bags, etc (depending on available supplies) will be shipped to you, for use in event gift bags. Includes a Custom Group Discount Code for 20% oFF all items on EarringEverything.com.

Have an idea of a specific collaboration in mind? Email us!